9 Reasons Why Prom Queen May Turn Prom-Zilla

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Prom isn’t what it used to be. You used to just go put on a dress, do your own hair and makeup and you’d be more than happy with the outcome. Nowadays, the pressure’s on. You have to make sure your plans, pictures, date, dress, shoes, hair, nails, lashes, brows, skin, makeup, jewelry, teeth, and tan are all absolutely nothing less than perfect. Here are reasons why the “Prom-Queen may turn into a “Prom-Zilla”.

Build Your Self Image, Build Your Life

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Your body image is a subjective picture or mental image you have of your own body. If you have a poor body image you may look into dieting as a solution to improve it. With all of the unrealistic Ads on television, online and in magazines, some women's body image and self esteem may become warped. When you are striving for an unattainable goal the feeling of failure and disappointment in yourself will arise. Eventually, this feeling will begin to damage your feeling of confidence and self-worth completely.

Digital Markham

Digital Markham

MARKHAM, ON – February 13, 2017 – Digital Markham, the City’s new digital strategy, is about to ignite sparks of innovation across the community. The strategy, approved by Markham City Council on January 30, 2017, will become a foundation for digital advances, collaboration and partnerships among citizens, businesses and government.