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Markham Museum sets a High Standard
Tue Feb 28, 2017

Perfect score from the Province for consistent, high-quality exhibitions



MARKHAM, ON - February 22, 2017 The Markham Museum recently scored 50 out of 50 in the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport’s 2016 Standards for Community Museums. Each year, community museums across the province are judged on a selection of the ministry’s standards. Most recently, the Community Museums Operating Grant evaluation focused on community and exhibition, where applicants were required to submit a detailed social media plan, a three-year exhibition plan and exhibition schedule. Community museums must meet minimum requirements set out by the ministry to qualify for funding through Grants Ontario. Markham Museum is proud to be among those who scored 100 per cent on the evaluation – setting the standards high for other museums across the province.

“The Markham Museum consistently offers high-quality exhibitions that are engaging, interesting and relevant,” said Mayor Frank Scarpitti. “Each exhibition features interactive components that immerse visitors in the subject matter. They reflect on the environment, settlement and shared technologies across the various cultures that make up Markham’s diverse population.” There is always something new and exciting to see, as the Markham Museum changes its exhibitions seasonally, giving visitors a great reason to come back time and time again.

In 2016, the Museum presented Construction City. This local exhibition highlighted Markham’s planning process and key buildings, different machines and how they are part of construction, historical building techniques through artifacts and much more. This exhibition was the first to be extended by popular demand since the Markham Museum opened its doors in 1971!

The 2017 exhibition lineup is nothing short of thrilling. This season, the Markham Museum presents three exciting exhibitions:

From the Ground Up: Archaeological Discoveries from the Markham Museum Grounds
On until Winter 2019

The findings showcased in this exhibition confirm the Museum’s site as a 19th century pottery workshop dating from approximately 1855 to 1885. Explore Markham’s transition from a small village into a city of more than 350,000 as the Museum reveals the cultural legacy of Markham’s pottery industry from the ground up.

Learn more

In Our Own Words
On until April 24

Discover the first-hand experiences of women in Markham from its earliest immigrants to newcomers. As part of the Myseum Intersections Festival, this presentation features the exhibition A lifetime - Day by Day, Five Women and Their Diaries on loan from the Archives of Ontario. Through diary entries and objects, nine women including several local residents, capture simple details of daily life and record important community events.


In partnership with: Myseum Toronto, Archives of Ontario and Welcome Centre Immigration Services.

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Animal Gibberish
On until April 24

What are they saying? Animals express themselves in many ways to convey simple messages, such as "I like you," "Danger!" or "I'm hungry." The more social they are, the more unique their ways of communicating. Discover who does what and send messages just like animals do. Dogs, cats, and horses are all part of it!

In partnership with: Sherbrooke Nature Science Museum
Funding provided by: Canadian Heritage
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Stay tuned to throughout the year to see what other exciting exhibitions and programming are in store for visitors

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