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Advance RC Hobbies

8555 Woodbine Ave. - Unit B200
Markham, ON L3R 4X9

Phone: 905-946-8088
Fax: 905-946-0885
[email protected]

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About Advance RC

Specializing in helicopters, Advance RC is your source for radio-controlled vehicles of all types, for all skill levels and budgets.

There are many helicopters models to choose from, including battery-powered, gas engine and turbine, and all the majors brands:
- E-flite
- Hirobo
- Thunder Tiger
- and many more

Advance RC's experienced staff can help you select the right model and provide the necessary flight training. An in-store flight simulator gives you a chance at the controls so you can experience what it is like to be an RC pilot.

Service and repairs by trained technicians are also offered.
All helicopter remote-controls come equipped with the minimum 6 channels needed for flight, or select ones with up to 14 channels so you can fire missiles, control lights, retract landing gear and perform aerial photography.

In addition to the wide selection of helicopters, the store carries a variety of radio-controlled airplanes, boats and cars as well as all the accessories, including flight simulators.

Located in the Michael-Angelo Plaza on the northeast corner of Warden and Hwy 7, there is plenty of free parking.

If you have ever thought of flying your own helicopter be sure to visit Advance RC and get cleared for take-off. 

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